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Personal Bioblitz 2023 Results

View All Our Observations and Species List for Personal Bioblitz Spring 2023

Personal Bioblitz Spring 2023 Results—10th anniversary edition
(report by Lena Struwe, 5/27/2023)

Here are the results! (Note that the species count on the iNaturalist PROJECT HOME PAGE will change, because more species will be identified as we go along. The numbers below are the official numbers for this year).

Another record breaking year for the Personal Bioblitz project—together we saw over 10,000 species in 2.5 months and we had more participants than ever before.

Cumulative Results for the 2023 Project

Total observations: 64,448 (We didn’t beat last year’s record of 70,461, but we were close)

Total species: 10,434 (We broke the all-time record with over 1,000 species!)

Observers: 142 (New record, more and more people are joining in)

Most Observations

Most Species Observed

Which Groups Were Reported the Most?

Most Frequently Observed Species (Plants Win!)

Some Fun Facts

Thank for your participation in the 2023 Personal Bioblitz!

Lena Struwe and the Personal Bioblitz Committee

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