Mycological Collection

Photo: Earth Star Fungus.Photo: Fly agaric Ammonita.Photo: Spring Beauty Rust Fungi.

The Rutgers Mycological Herbarium has been estimated to contain more than 40, 000 fungal collections. Rutgers is part of the National Science Foundation sponsored Microfungi Digitization Project. We will be digitizing records of all collections in the coming months. The RMH herbarium contains the collections of the Rutgers Plant Pathology Herbarium (RUTPP) and the New Jersey Mycological Association. It also includes several historical collections as follows:

  • Alabama Biological Survey
  • Arthur & Holway - Ured. Exs. Et Icon.
  • Anderson & Kelsey - Fungi of Montana
  • Allescher & Schnabl - Fungi Bavarici
  • Columbia College
  • Cavara - Fungi Longobardiae Exs.
  • Carleton, Uredineae Americanae
  • C. F. Baker Collections
  • DeThuemen - Mycotheca Universalis
  • DeThuemen - Fungi Austriaci
  • Eriksson - Fungi Paras. Scand.
  • Erdman West Herbarium
  • Fungi Columbiani
  • W. G. Farlow
  • Griffiths - West American Fungi
  • Heller Collections
  • B. D. Halsted Herbarium
  • Krieger - Fungi Saxonici
  • F. D. Kelsey Herbarium
  • Kellerman & Swingle - Kansas Fungi
  • Kellerman - Ohio Fungi
  • Linhart - Fungi Hungarici
  • North American Uredinales
  • North American Fungi
  • Polyporaceae of North America
  • Pringle - Mexican Fungi
  • Rocky Mt. Herbarium - Univ. Wyo.
  • Romell - Fungi exs. Prae. Scand.
  • S. M. Tracy Collections
  • Sydow - Ustilagineen
  • Sydow - Uredineen
  • Sydow - Phycomyceten et Protomyceten
  • Sydow - Mycotheca Marchica
  • Swingle - Flora of the United States
  • Shear - New York Fungi
  • Seymour & Earle - Economic Fungi
  • C. A. Schwarze - Fungi of New Jersey
  • D. Saccardo - Mycotheca Italica
  • L. M. Underwood Collections
  • R. P. White Herbarium

The New Jersey Mycological Association (NJMA) has maintained a macro-fungi herbarium since 1978. It is named in honor of two departed members -Raymond M. Fatto and Dr. Eugene H. Varney. There are over 2,700 dried specimens that are kept with the mycological collection of Rutgers University in the Chrysler Herbarium. Anyone interested in examining these specimens please contact Dorothy Smullen through The New Jersey Mycological Association's website is

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