Biodiversity BioBlitz

April 15 & June 10, 2007
10 AM – 3 PM

at the John A. Phillips Preserve

Old Bridge, NJ









Join scientists and students in trying to find as many species as possible in the second and third inventory of this Middlesex County-owned property that includes unique Pine Barrens habitats. Show up and help identify birds, plants, and other organisms to build the species list of this brand-new 1700 acre preserve only 30 min from New Brunswick in central New Jersey.

For more information contact:

Richard Lear, Parks and Recreation, County of Middlesex (732)745-5988

Lena Struwe, Chrysler Herbarium & Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, Rutgers University
(732) 932-9711 x235

Directions: Meet at John A. Phillips Park, which has parking as well as facilities, at the end of Maple Street in Old Bridge.  From New Brunswick take Route 18 South to Old Bridge.  After passing under the pedestrian bridge at St. Thomas church (church is on the right), Maple Street will be the 2nd traffic light (Wawa on the corner).  Turn right onto Maple Street and follow to the end.  Once in Phillips Park, parking is on the left adjacent to the baseball and soccer fields. 

The species inventory:
Observation forms, maps, and literature for identification will be provided.  Plant species expertise will be available, but we are looking for people interested in all groups of animals, fungi and plants. If you can’t make it to the BioBlitz, feel free to visit the Preserve any other time and report your findings to us.  Report forms can be downloaded and should be sent to either Richard Lear or Lena Struwe after each visit. All documented species will be assembled into species lists that will be made available on the web and use for conservation of endangered species and scientific research. Photos are welcome too. 

The natural habitat of the preserve:
The John A. Phillips Preserve (1700 acres) falls within the Spotswood outlier of the NJ Pine Barrens.  Although not within the boundaries of the NJ Pinelands, the Phillips Preserve exhibits many of the characteristics of Pine Barrens habitat found in Burlington, Ocean and Atlantic counties. The habitat could be divided into two community types; a Pine-Dominated Forest and Oak-Dominated Forest.  The pine dominated community includes pitch pine, blueberries, bracken fern with scattered oaks, sassafras and several others.  The oak dominated forest contains black and white oaks with scrub oaks, bayberry and greenbrier in the understory to name just a few.   This is a truly unique area in Middlesex County.